About Us

Religious Order
The Circle of Isis Rising

Coven Founder: Lady Nicole Everett (1957 – 2000)
Grand Elder High Priestess: Rev. Sandra Cheryl Richardson

Coven Motto: One light, however faint, casts out darkness.

Founded in 1981 by writer and paranormal investigator, Lady Nicole Everett, the Religious Order of the Circle of Isis Rising is a Wiccan coven dedicated to keeping alive the rites and the beliefs of the Old Religion. The coven is based on Druidic principles to a point and then goes eclectic. Also incorporated are Hermetic and Egyptian traditions. The coven’s focus is on religion and individual spiritual growth. Importance is placed on community service as well as respect for the environment and interpersonal relationships.

Over the years, total membership has consisted of over one hundred people in the United States and Surinam. Currently, there is one active coven in Miami, Florida and another coven representative in the country of Surinam. Membership has been represented by people of all ages from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

In Miami, the members of the Grove are active in presenting Wicca in a positive light through the media with appearances on radio, national and international television and film. Donations have been made to organizations such as those for the homeless, abused women, animals, and Pagan groups. Open participation in the Diabetes and AIDS Walkathons has helped raise money for these organizations, and also shows Wiccans in positions of service. There is even a public plaque displaying the Coven’s name at the Miami Metrozoo since 1993 for the adoption and past support of the Clouded Leopard, the Coven’s mascot. Participation was also given towards the Pluralism Project out of Harvard University, which explores the religious diversity of America with a CD ROM that was made available in the summer of 1996 for use in colleges, universities, high schools, and other learning centers across the country.

Sabbat celebrations are observed with public rituals. These public rituals are open to attendance by all Kindred Spirits. Other meetings are closed unless special exception is made.

The Religious Order of the Circle of Isis Rising was legally established as a non-profit corporation in the state of Florida on October 31st, 2002. The coven also received official recognition from the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c) 3 corporation in July 2003. Future goals include the establishment of a coven temple for worship. This temple would enable the priests and priestesses to have a permanent place to perform the religious services that are sought by people on the path of the Ancient Covenant, the Old Religion. Services offered by the coven include handfastings, funeral rites, wiccanings, spiritual cleansings, and healings.

Reverend Lady Nicole Everett, was the founder of the Religious Order of the Circle of Isis Rising, and reigned as Sabbat Queen until her death on April 10, 2000. She was a writer and psychic investigator with numerous appearances on national and international television and radio. Lady Nicole established the coven branch in Miami before moving to the covenstead sanctuary, Caer Danu, in Oregon.

Reverend Sandra Cheryl Richardson is the Grand Elder High Priestess, and she currently reigns over the Order. Rev. Richardson is an internationally renowned psychic, author, paranormal investigator, and metaphysical lecturer. She has expertise in the psychic realms, the occult, and Witchcraft. Television stations, and has been sought by local (Miami), national (Discovery Channel) and international television (Telemundo) stations. Rev. Richardson has also received positive acclaim from various newspapers in Miami as well as radio programs she has appeared on. Her lectures have been enjoyed at Miami high schools, universities, women’s groups, and various public events. The Miami Police Department also invited her to speak before officers from all over the country on the topic of Witchcraft. Rev. Richardson is the internationally recognized author of the book, “Magicka Formularia” and “Journey of the Soul.”