What We Believe

Ours is the religion of Wicca, the religion of the Witch. Wicca is an Old English word that means “the ways of the wise.” It refers to the time long ago when people of the earth held the knowledge of the healing powers of plants, the movement of the stars, and the occult forces of nature. Wicca is the Old Religion for the new age.

In our grove, we honor Divinity by many names and many faces. We believe in One Almighty Supreme Absolute Creator of all. Since females as well as males exist, we know this Almighty to be Goddess as well as God. These words are interchangeable. The Almighty, Goddess and God form the Trinity of our religion. Divinity physically manifests in the forms of the Earth, the Air, the Fire, and the Water. Collectively, the Almighty, Goddess, God, and the four Holy Elements are known as the Seven Holy Powers.

There is only one law or commandment in Wicca, known as the Wiccan Rede. It states “’an it harm none, do thy will.” The words are pretty self-explanatory. They also mean no harm to the self.

The Three-Fold Law is not a commandment in the religion of Wicca. Rather, it is the philosophy of Karma, the law of cause and effect. Whatever you do will be returned to you with three-fold or with three times the intensity sent out. Because of this Law, the Wiccan embraces the concept of personal responsibility. We know that whatever happens to us is a result of our thoughts, our words, and our deeds.

We believe in the progression of life. The death of the body is not the death of the spirit. Therefore, the members of our grove accept and believe in reincarnation.