Funeral Services

Religious Order of the Circle of Isis Rising
Funeral Services / Requiems

As with all cycles in life, we are born, we live, and then we die. The ordained priestesses and priests of the Circle of Isis Rising believe that the death of the body is not the death of the spirit. Life is eternal and never ending! Therefore, during times of loss, our ordained priestesses and priests can bring comfort to those that grieve. Some of the counseling methods that are used include giving words of comfort, speaking prayers, and utilizing tools such as flowers, candles, and holy water to physically help uplift the environment. In addition, the ordained priestesses and priests can make recommendations such as to how to prepare your loved one’s body for disposal, and what to do that can be of help to both the living and the loved one who has passed.

Our ordained priestesses and priests can also help with the loss of your loved one by conducting the funerary ritual known as the Ritual of Requiem. This ritual provides the release of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical connections of the deceased. It is a ritual for the living and the dead. For the living, the ritual can help the grieving process and help ease the pain of loss. For the dead, the ritual is designed to help the deceased loved one make a smooth transition to the afterlife. The Ritual of Requiem can be performed as the main Funeral Service, with or without the body being present.

The fee for the Ritual of Requiem depends upon the location. Counseling fees are based upon an hourly rate. Fees can vary according to the location.